Zorna is a collaborative portal designed by the company AFRAZ to facilitate the exchange, communication and sharing within the company.
Written entirely in Python and based on the framework DJANGO, it works on an Apache server (Linux, Unix, or Windows) and can use any type of database (MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, etc ...)

It integrates the following features:
  • CMS
  • File management
  • Collaborative spaces for groups of users (microblogging, instant chat, event planning, file sharing, message tracking)
  • Search
  • Users and groups management
  • Rights access for groups or users
  • Calendar sharing
  • FAQs
  • Notes
  • Web pages éditor with editable content regions
  • Forms builder ( WYSIWYG )
  • LDAP Authentification
  •  ...

ZORNA can be used by:

  • Companies to better communicate and share information with customers and employees
  • Educational institutions to set up a social network for learning between teachers and students
  • Communities
  • Associations
  • ...


If you want to see a demo click HERE and use demo as login and demo as password

If you want to install and test ZORNA, goto GITHUB repository?


ZORNA is based on these open sources technologies: